“I thank God for a new way of living and for Safe Harbor.

Safe Harbor has been my miracle zone through the Power of God. The doors that the devil once closed, God has again opened.

I have been in this program for 4 months with two more before completion. Through this program I have learned to “Let go and let God”.

This is an opportunity for me to let everyone know how good God has been to me. God Saves! God Forgives! God Delivers! And God still loves you regardless of all of your shortcomings. I now have sanctification, rehabilitation and am currently full time employed… and I thank God for it!

I would like to thank Pastor Charles for his encouragement and teaching me the word of God, and also Chaplain Joe for his counseling.

God is still blessing me. Never would have made it without His grace and mercy!”

My name is Richard O Body Jr. Safe Harbor has been a blessing to me. I came here November 2, 2016 & I find it to be a big help for me. I am not here from jail, prison or court order, I am a walk in.

When I came I knew it was not going to be easy, so I kept to myself & stayed away
from the “unthankful spirit”. I have come a long way & God has really been good to me, and I am thankful.

I have fiished my 6 months and am waiting for a job & my own place. Safe Harbor & God will help you, if you let them. I am thankful for the staff here.

November 2, 2015

God is soooooo AWESOME!!!! We are privileged to see God work miracles. One of our residents has been battling Hepatitis – C for years. This resident dedicated his life to the Lord and was baptized about one month ago. He went to the doctor this past Monday and they can’t find any sign of the disease anywhere. God is Awesome!!!!

October 2015

‘ “It’s possible to do something a second time and experience it as never before. Marvin Johnson is a witness. Johnson was baptized in 1970. Last Sunday (Oct. 4.), he did it again, this time at Safe Harbor of Memphis –

“A Church of Refuge.” ‘ see more of this article by clicking on the link below


above: Marvin Johnson after being baptized last Sunday (Oct. 4). (Photo: Shirley Jackson)

Lamar Reynolds Jr. emerges from the baptismal pool. (Photos: Shirley Jackson)

above: Lamar Reynolds Jr. emerges from the baptismal pool. (Photos: Shirley Jackson)


June 2014

Graduate Testimony: Will Marvel

Will Marvel

William first became a drug addict and recidivist at the age of thirteen. He grew up in an abusive home and things seemed to only get worse from there. He experienced a traumatic break up from a long-term relationship. In 2011 he struggled with violence, one occurrence where he was almost beaten to death. He woke up chained to a table in a robbery/homicide and decided that he needed to reevaluate his life choices. He spent just under two years in correctional facilities and 6 months at a reentry program where he started to work on rebuilding his life. After leaving the first reentry program, he decided that he would continue seeking help at Safe Harbor. His relationship with Christ has been restored while at our facility. He recalls the staff being great about mentoring him and pouring into his life. For the first time, he has successfully completed his parole. He has reconciled relationships with his family who had begun to assume that his life would not get any better. They are all back on good terms and he hopes to see some of them at his upcoming graduation. William will be starting Safe Harbor’s Internship program this August. He eventually would like to go back to college and study for a licensed clinical social work degree so that he will be able to help the ministry move forward.


Jerry Greene Graduate
Dale, a recent graduate of Safe Harbor of Memphis, has noticed a complete change in his life. During the time spent at the mission, he quickly realized that he had encouragement and a support system of people that actually cared about him. Seeking God for patience through situational changes is how Greene was able to complete the program. His plans are to be persistent in his sobriety and have complete faith that all things will work out for God’s glory.